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6 week live group course

Professional Profile Building

In this live online 6 week course, your facilitators Aga and Suz guide you through the steps to craft your professional profile. Together with like-minded people, you work through the essential steps to build your unique personal brand and achieve your career goals.


6 weekly live, online sessions of 60 minutes with Aga and Suz



Workbook with detailed exercises, guides, templates and worksheets


Examples and case studies to inspire and accelerate your growth


Pre-filled tool to manage and prioritise your work through the course


Session recordings so you can look back and review

Its time to level up your career

This course is for those who are



Eager to grow further but feel like their career has plateaued and not sure what to do about it


Feeling stuck in their current job but also not sure what their dream job would look like


Looking to get back into the workforce but not sure how to get started


Held hostage by their imposter syndrome and ready to break free

On top of having direct access to experienced facilitators and coaches, you also reap the benefits of going through this journey with like-minded people

  • Tap into the collective wisdom of the group as you run into challenges

  • Expand your professional network

  • A supportive and motivating environment


What’s covered?

Over the course of 6 weeks, we take you through the following topics


Look at yourself
in the mirror

Career self-assessment


In search for answers

Market research


Find time to work on your objectives

Organise yourself


Control your narrative

Authentic brand building


Create a system so you don’t get overwhelmed

Professional profile activation


Create a system so you don’t get overwhelmed

Professional profile activation


Continuously grow

Reflect and adapt

Meet Aga Gajownik

Founder of Innovation and Integration. She specialises in creating growth frameworks for neurodivergent leaders. Aga’s years of experience in entrepreneurship education, startups building and innovation combined with her expertise in personal development and career growth will help you thrive and reach your full potential.

Your unique value proposition deserves to be celebrated, let's make it shine!

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Check out the introduction webinar

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From our Trailblazer!

"Soon after starting a new job I realised it was not quite what I expected. The sales role I signed up for sounded like working with existing clients and better understanding their problems, but it turned out to be doing cold calls. This felt very repetitive to me and I knew I this was not sustainable. However, because I loved the mission and the culture of the company I decided not to quit and approach it from a different angle... within a few months I managed to turn the situation around and create a role that I love! By analysing my past experience and acquired skills, but also my values and future ambitions, I was able to communicate better how I could add value to the company. I started with a few side projects so I could test this out and really enjoyed it plus my manager and the senior executives were able to see the impact I made. We then worked together on identifying some key responsibilities I could take over and created a role that fits me like a glove!"

Still got questions?

How long do the live sessions go for?

The live sessions start at 6PM Singapore Standard Time (check what time that is in your location here). You can expect around 45 minutes of structured content presentation which includes exercises and 15 minutes of Q&A. In total each session will be around 60 minutes.


What if I miss a live session?

We record the sessions and share them with you afterwards.


Do you have a money-back guarantee?

If you realise after the first session that this is not what you need for your career growth right now, we give you 100% of your money back.

Sign up now for the Professional Profile Building course


6 live weekly sessions

Recurring for 6 weeks on Thursday from 18th of May to 22nd of June

Kick-off: Thursday 18th of May

6pm Singapore Standard Time

Check your timezone here

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Empower individuals and businesses to harness their full potential through the lens of innovation, entrepreneurship and coaching.

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