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The I&I Formula

I&I stands for Innovation and Integration. It consists of 6 levels derived from several models including Maslow’s Pyramid of needs, Dilts Pyramid of neurological levels for NLP coaching, authentic leadership principles, Agile methodologies, startup development strategies and findings on character from positive psychology.

The I&I Forumula.png

The idea is to introduce innovative solutions in the form of new behaviours, skills and knowledge and then integrating them in daily activities, habits and life in general. Think about it as learning how to use a new device: at first, you need instructions, and you need to focus on how to do the simplest thing, like turning the device on and off. Once you learn the basics and get comfortable with using those, then you can go on to more complicated features and start using them automatically.

The I&I Forumula (1).png

The I&I methodology continuously takes people through personal, relational and transcendent processes of development. Individuals first work on themselves, dealing with challenges and creating sustainable action plans. Once integrated they connect their new strategies with the environment around them, redesigning key relationships before moving to the transcendent stage This could mean things like working on developing communities, businesses, or spiritual paths. Working on each stage is very personalised and difficult to put into a standardised model as it comes from knowing the process of development as well as self. Hence, the process is designed based on individual needs.

However, the bottom layers of the pyramid that cover the BASICS model, Behaviour, Skills and Knowledge are more fact based rather than individually driven. On these topics we have online courses available you can go through at your own pace.

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