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Are you ready to kick your career into high gear?

Learn how to build an authentic professional profile that reflects your unique strengths and show off your best self without feeling like an imposter.

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Meet your facilitator, Aga Gajownik

Aga Portrait

Founder of Innovation and Integration. Aga specialises in creating growth frameworks for neurodivergent leaders. Her years of experience in entrepreneurship education, startups building and innovation combined with expertise in personal development and career growth will help you thrive and reach your full potential.

Your unique value proposition deserves to be celebrated, let's make it shine!

Ready to uncover your true professional potential?

Our professional profile building methodology has completely revolutionised our career paths. It allowed us and multiple clients to:

  • Define and accelerate our career trajectories

  • Pivot into careers that align with our values and interests

  • Increase our rates and pay grades


... and so much more!

We're so excited for it to do the same for you! 🙌

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