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The BASICS Model

This is the foundation of all of our personal and professional development coaching. As one of our I&I models, we use it to assess the current situation and establish our clients’ status quo. It covers six critical areas of our life that help us look at development from a holistic perspective.

Define your status quo - BASICS Wheel

Score each area listed on the scale - 1 to 10. Then transfer these scores into the chart using the centre of the wheel as 0 and the outer edge as 10 and draw a straight or curved line to create a new outer edge.

BASICS stands for :


Your body is the basis for everything. The way you treat it will impact your level of energy, your mood, and so on. Think about how you eat, sleep and exercise.


This is about creating your own systems to make yourself more efficient and make your time work for you. Think planning, habits, time management.


Feeling secure, both emotionally and physically, relieves stress so you can focus on your goals. Having security means not feeling afraid of the future and being able to look ahead and be proactive. The different levels of security includes personal (not being in direct danger or in the risk of being harmed), emotional (feeling relaxed and at ease) and financial (having enough money to cover basic needs)

Important People

Being surrounded by a supportive network is key to being successful in realising your goals. To that end, it is important to identify who builds you up and who is toxic and needs to be let go. The idea is to focus on people who energise you, help you grow and be a better version of yourself. Start with identifying the type of personal and professional relationships you want more of.


Consciousness is about daily awareness and living in the present, but also connecting with strategic goals. It’s about being alert to everyday details, focusing on being in the moment and noticing yourself and how you are feeling. Consciousness helps you to be able to stop and have the space to think about the next steps you want to take.


Just as your mind doesn’t operate at maximum capacity when it is cluttered, the same can be said about your physical surroundings. Seeing and perceiving mess upsets our brain, for instance. This is all about creating space and an environment that empowers you to do your best. Creating purposeful spaces that are dedicated “areas” for your daily activities supports your effectiveness.

The image above shows a complete exercise assessing the current status quo. Once we identify the areas that need attention first we need to make a list of tasks to work on. Starting with small actions helps build confidence and get a better picture on what to prioritise.

Whether you are joining an online course, attending a group meetup, or investing in 1-on-1 coaching, you will learn about the BASICS methodology and receive practical advice on how to make changes to improve these six areas in your life.

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