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Uncovering every employee's strength

Through our years of experience in the tech and start-up space, our SEE model has taken shape by adapting traditional hackathons into tools for organisations to draw out people’s unique strengths.

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How we provide value for corporates

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Providing employees opportunities for self-directed learning and growth

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A recruitment platform to source potential employees

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Developing customer centric solutions in a structured and condensed timeframe

What we're not

We're not a Scrum or Agile certification body.

However, we have experienced Agile and Scrum Master coaches on our team. We draw from the elements of Agile methodologies to create our programs where appropriate.

We don’t create websites and apps.

But what we can create is a solid foundation for building that app idea.

We are not consultants.

We do the heavy-lifting ourselves, so you get to work directly with the experts.

We won’t leave our decks so your team can teach it afterwards.

Teaching is a nuanced craft that we guard closely. We can train-the-trainers in your organisation and support them on their journey.

Who we are

From the people we work with

Incredible weekend with so many inspiring people. Special thanks to the Kickstart Incubator team, the sponsors, Aga Gajownik & our mentors!

Janis Wong, Hatch4Good

Well I did manage to get an assessment centre at Vodafone because of the hackathon. So after that I kept applying and i knew what to expect at assessment centres. I was actually offered another position in the second assessment day I went to. So that definitely motivated me a lot.

Georgios Klonos, BrightGen

Boosting entrepreneurship amongst young people is indeed something that is both needed and sought after by motivated students. Incredible things can be produced when interdisciplinary teams work together even in such a short time frame!

Ellina, University of St Andrews

SEE for Educational Institutions

SEE Schools is our educational arm that aims to provide curriculums that inspire students of all ages. By focusing on entrepreneurship, tech and innovation we help expand each student’s potential upon graduation.


Bespoke training and development programmes for corporations and educational institutions

Interested in working with us?

Leave us a note and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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